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Título Applied medical image processing : a basic course / Wolfgang Birkfellner; with contributions by Michael Figl and Johann HummelLibro / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Birkfellner, Wolfgang (Autor)
Figl, Michael (Colaborador(a))
Hummel, Johann (Colaborador(a))
Publicación Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, c2011
Descripción Física xxxi, 372 p. : il. ; pasta dura
ISBN 9781439824443
Clasificación(es) 616.0754
Materia(s) Diagnóstico por imágenes; Imágenes digitales; Procesamiento digital de imágenes; Radiología;
1. A Few Basics of Medical Image Sources / Johann Hummel
The Electromagnetic Spectrum
Basic X-ray Physics
Attenuation and Imaging
Computed Tomography
Magnetic Resonance Tomography
Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging
Other Imaging Techniques
Radiation Protection and Dosimetry
Summary and Further References
2. Image Representation / Wolfgang Birkfellner
Pixels and Voxels
Gray Scale and Color Representation
Image File Formats
Other Formats � Analyze 7.5, NifTI and Interfile
Image Quality and the Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Practical Lessons
Summary and Further References
3. Operations in Intensity Space / Wolfgang Birkfellner
The Intensity Transform Function and the Dynamic Range
Histograms and Histogram Operations
Dithering and Depth
Practical Lessons
Summary and Further References
4. Filtering and Transformations / W. Birkfellner
The Filtering Operation
The Fourier Transform
Other Transforms
Summary and Further References
5. Segmentation / W. Birkfellner
The Segmentation Problem
ROI Definition and Centroids
Region Growing
More Sophisticated Segmentation Methods
Morphological Operations
Evaluation of Segmentation Results
Practical Lessons
Summary and Further References
6. Spatial Transforms / W. Birkfellner
Discretization � Resolution and Artifacts
Interpolation and Volume Regularization
Translation and Rotation
Tracking and Image-Guided Therapy
Practical lessons
Summary and Further References
7. Registration / W. Birkfellner
Fusing Information
Registration Paradigms
Optimization Strategies
Some General Comments
Camera Calibration
Registration to Physical Space
Evaluation of Registration Results
Practical Lessons
Summary and Further References
8. Rendering and Surface Models / W. Birkfellner
Orthogonal and Perspective Projection, and the Viewpoint
Surface�Based Rendering
Practical Lessons
Summary and Further References
9. CT Reconstruction / M. Figl
Radon transform
Algebraic Reconstruction
Some Remarks on Fourier Transform and Filtering
Filtered Backprojection
Practical Lessons
Summary and Further References
10. A Selection of MATLAB Commands
Control Structures and Operators
I/O and Data Structures
Mathematical Functions
Further References
Epilogue, W. Birkfellner
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